Insurance Agency Valuations

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Insurance Agency Valuations


INEX Capital & Growth Advisors provides insurance agency valuation services to assist in strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions. Determining an agency’s valuation offers a framework for its financial structure and insight into what needs to be done to optimize its value.

There are a number of ways one can value an agency. INEX can help by providing opinions of value, pricing your organization using the proper methodology, and reaching a greater pool of buyers. We consider several factors in determining an agency’s fair market value – what a willing buyer would pay for the business – including the value of the agency’s book of business and tangible assets.

We look at personal and business goodwill.


Goodwill is a business’s value based on future patronage expectations. We look at personal and business goodwill, utilizing a weighted process to evaluate the facts and circumstances regarding the company, its operation, and its owners, coupled with its clients’ revenue stream and profitability.

We conduct up to four distinct evaluations of the potential goodwill allocation:

  • INEX Goodwill Evaluation MatrixTM
  • Account Origination Analysis
    From non-principal producers or principal producers
  • INEX Competitive Compensation AnalysisTM
  • Account Reconstruction Analysis
    (if applicable)

Take Your Next Step with Confidence

In performing an agency valuation, principals gain insights into what path to take in the future. Agencies can improve their business operations to sell to potential external buyers or via organic growth by creating more value internally so the business can profit and thrive.

Moving Your Vision Forward

As your partner, we ask what you see in your future and help you make it happen. This involves discussing your succession plans – whether internal or external – and together determining what path is right for you and your agency. We will take a deep dive into your agency and business best practices and KPIs to measure results and determine how we can help improve your operation. Our objective is to optimize the value of your agency for greater financial rewards today and when you are ready to sell.

From business strategy to customer experience and go-to-market readiness, INEX plans, designs, and delivers transformative solutions.