Due Diligence Reporting

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Due Diligence Reporting


Insurance agencies use due diligence reports for a variety of purposes. A due diligence report thoroughly examines and explains the business, an agency’s financial records, or overall market standing. It can assist in determining a company’s valuation and enable agency owners and other stakeholders to make informed decisions about the company’s future.

The insurance professionals at INEX Capital & Growth Advisors can provide you with the due diligence required for your agency’s valuation, including in a merger and acquisition scenario.

Business Valuation

A business valuation is necessary to facilitate better decisions if an agency is undergoing a merger or acquisition. A due diligence report for business valuation focuses on the following:

  • Financial statements
  • Financial projections
  • Capital structure
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats in the marketplace (SWOT analysis)


An insurance agency considering a merger or acquisition also requires a due diligence report. The report should focus on financial statements, business opportunities, and challenges in the near future. This type of due diligence report will include the following:

  • Corporate records
  • Financial information
  • Debt
  • Employment and labor
  • Information on real estate owned or leased
  • Legal documents
  • Customer information/Book of business



Moving Your Vision Forward

As your partner, we ask what you see in your future and help you make it happen. This involves discussing your succession plans – whether internal or external – and together determining what path is right for you and your agency. We will take a deep dive into your agency and business best practices and KPIs to measure results and determine how we can help improve your operation. Our objective is to optimize the value of your agency for greater financial rewards today and when you are ready to sell.

From business strategy to customer experience and go-to-market readiness, INEX plans, designs, and delivers transformative solutions.