Financial Analysis

Measure how and what gets done in your agency. Optimize your agency’s processes and staff productivity.

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Financial Analysis/Operational Improvements


At INEX Capital & Growth Advisors, we help independent insurance agents take an in-depth look into their operations to measure what is being done for optimal performance. We’ll help you improve insurance and business practices by evaluating your workflows and conducting a financial assessment of how the agency performs financially and how key performance indicators (KPIs) are established and measured. Our goal is to increase the visibility of critical drivers of your operation.

Improve Your Agency’s Performance

Evaluate Agency Workflows

Benchmark against insurance and business best practices, including accounting, financial, and HR.

Assess KPIs

Review what measures are in place to evaluate performance throughout the organization.

Improve Agency Workflows

Based on our evaluation, implement operational improvements to streamline tasks, eliminate data redundancy, better manage staff skillsets, and redirect focus on more revenue-generating activities.

Implement KPIs for Organizational Visibility

Implement measurement standards aligned with agency workflows so individual and organizational performance is measured and ongoing improvements can be made.

Moving Your Vision Forward

As your partner, we ask what you see in your future and help you make it happen. This involves discussing your succession plans – whether internal or external – and together determining what path is right for you and your agency. We will take a deep dive into your agency and business best practices and KPIs to measure results and determine how we can help improve your operation. Our objective is to optimize the value of your agency for greater financial rewards today and when you are ready to sell.

From business strategy to customer experience and go-to-market readiness, INEX plans, designs, and delivers transformative solutions.