Organizational Structure Analysis

Structure your organization with long-term objectives in mind.
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Organizational Structure Analysis

INEX Capital & Growth Advisors provides independent insurance agents with organizational structure analysis for future optimal agency perpetuation and succession planning. With more than 500 insurance M&As under our belt, we have a successful track record in helping agencies get transaction-ready and future-fulfilled.

What We Do

An agency owner must carefully consider both nontax and tax ramifications in their organizational structure. We will conduct a deep dive into the agency’s ownership structure and its divisional entities and legal entity, and guide you on the best path forward for agency perpetuation and tax structure efficiencies. For example, upon selling its assets, a C corporation will be taxed twice – on the corporate level and the agency owners’ income. We will discuss with you how to move forward in such cases.

INEX also looks at an agency’s staff and helps position talent through coaching for leadership roles or as likely successors. Our goal is to help provide you with an exit strategy and income.

Moving Your Vision Forward

As your partner, we ask what you see in your future and help you make it happen. This involves discussing your succession plans – whether internal or external – and together determining what path is right for you and your agency. We will take a deep dive into your agency and business best practices and KPIs to measure results and determine how we can help improve your operation. Our objective is to optimize the value of your agency for greater financial rewards today and when you are ready to sell.

From business strategy to customer experience and go-to-market readiness, INEX plans, designs, and delivers transformative solutions.