Strategic Planning

Envision it and make your plan a reality. Grow your agency through strategic planning.

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Strategic Planning


Whether you are an agency owner or one of the key leaders in the agency, our experience at INEX Capital & Growth Advisors provides value to you. The rewards you get out of the agency begin with strategic planning. Let us help you with that.

Achieve Agency Growth

Develop a Roadmap

Let us help you develop a roadmap to structure, run, and grow your agency. Develop a plan establishing where you want to go and how you will get there.

Hone Your Agency Strategy

We’ll help you prioritize specific efforts and initiatives so you focus on your core competencies and bring your unique advantages to your clients. This may mean putting more capital in the agency, investing in staff and new technology, stepping up your marketing game, improving your processes, or outsourcing back-office functions to free up producers and account managers for client-facing, revenue-producing activities.

Get the Results

Together, we’ll see your long-term objectives to fruition, whether acquiring another agency, expanding your footprint into a complementary line of business, or selling your agency internally.

Moving Your Vision Forward

As your partner, we ask what you see in your future and help you make it happen. This involves discussing your succession plans – whether internal or external – and together determining what path is right for you and your agency. We will take a deep dive into your agency and business best practices and KPIs to measure results and determine how we can help improve your operation. Our objective is to optimize the value of your agency for greater financial rewards today and when you are ready to sell.

From business strategy to customer experience and go-to-market readiness, INEX plans, designs, and delivers transformative solutions.